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About Kristin:

I am a native of Walla Walla, my home. I left Walla Walla as soon as I graduated High School, out to see the world as they say. I've lived in many states, and have seen many a countryside. Yet nothing seemed to compare to my home, so here I am again after many years of being away. I'm forever grateful that my life has lead me back home, its a wonderful place to live and the people here are simply incredible. My professional career began shortly after college, where I began a long and "stressful" career in network administration. While I have always had a talent in working with computers, I was not all that happy staring at a monitor all day. I gained a great deal of satisfaction in helping others with their computers, teaching, training, basically sharing my knowledge with others, I enjoyed working with others a great deal more, however my skills in working on computers kept me from fulfilling the need to help others. Many years passed and I finally decided to step out of the Network Administration field, I relocated to enter into a career where I would be working directly with people. Ahhh finally, I could reach out and help others, I thought Real Estate, lots of people need help in purchasing a home.... great idea or so I thought...I quickly realized that Real Estate wasn't it for me... I have a higher calling.

After my mother passed away in 2000 from cancer I realized the need for natural healing modalities for cancer patients. As well as many others suffering from debilitating diseases. Then I discovered my calling quite by accident or so it seemed, I became ill and went through many different changes regarding my health, upon deciding that I did not wish to be on medication for the rest of my life, my journey in discovery began.

After many months of research and study I found through Clinical Hypnotherapy, TIME Techniques™, NLP, Certified EFT, NLP Success Coach, and Reiki I am finally fulfilling my purpose, I have found a great deal of satisfaction, peace, and a feeling of wholeness in the ability to help anyone with just about any issue, problem. I have the tools and techniques to help anyone to transform their life.

I sincerely look forward to working with you.

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