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Releasing Negative Emotions

What Negative Emotions Do to Us:First, negative emotions block the flow of energy in the body. The latest thinking in quantum biology indicates that emotions trapped in the body have the real possibility of creating functional blockages in the neurology, the nervous system, so trapped emotions could actually cause the brain to send wrong signals to the various organs in the body, or perhaps no signals at all! That means that trapped emotions in the body, which we haven't let go of, can be not only the source of discomfort, but also the source of other physical problems like heart attack.

Ten years ago, the Journal of the American Medical Association acknowledged that negative emotions can play a role in dis-ease. In a 30-year retrospective study of Type-A behavior, it was pointed out that the major contributing factor was anger. In the original study, done 30 years ago, Type-A Behavior was described as the "Hard-driving executive, working long hours, competitive, stressed out and angry. Well, this recent study indicated that it's not the long hours, it's not the stress, it's not the hard work, it's not the competition, it's the anger that causes heart attack.

Second, negative emotions block the flow of success and keep us from achieving our goals. How many time has anger gotten in your way when you wanted to communicate something to a friend, co-worker or even worse, a close family member? Probably too often.

Third, they feel terrible. Think about a time when you felt angry in the past. Did you say to yourself, "Oh Gee, this feels great...I hope I can continue to feel this way all day." No, of course not!

In fact, we'll usually do anything to get out of feeling the sensations of a negative emotion. The last time someone broke your heart and you felt sad, did you say "Oh Gee, this sadness feels great. I hope no joy comes along to break up this feeling of sadness, cause it feels so good" Of course not! You probably will do anything to get away from the feeling including sleep, immerse yourself in work, exercise, go to a movie, talk to a friend -- anything to keep from feeling the bad feelings. That's why people smoke, drink, overeat, abuse others, take drugs, are co-dependent, and so much more. They do it because they want to get away from the terrible feelings of negative emotions.

The Unconscious Mind and Negative Emotions:

Negative Emotions are stored at the unconscious Level—in the Unconscious Mind. Your Unconscious Mind doesn't really want them there because they are not good for you! You need to know that your Unconscious Mind is a wonderful, loving, caring part of your entire being, and it really loves you. It looks up to you like a younger brother or sister, who might be age 5, 6,or 7. Your Unconscious Mind really loves you and wants to do what you ask it to do. The trouble is that for all these years you haven't asked it to do anything, or if you have, you probably didn't ask it in a way that would produce results.

Instead, you've probably suggested most things to your Conscious Mind, the part of your mind that you're aware of, and its function is not necessarily about wanting to please you and do what you ask it to. Also, the Unconscious Mind really responds to praise and acknowledgement, just like we do and you probably haven't known how to give it that acknowledgement either. In a TIME Techniques™™ session you'll learn how to become a master communicator with your Unconscious Mind.

Your Unconscious Mind is the part of you that commands your heart to beat, 60 or 70 times a minute, to circulates your blood, to breathe, etc. It circulates your lymph system, it causes your immune system to work. It does all of that and a thousand times more. So if it can do these miraculous things so automatically, do you really think helping you to create things you want in your life would be difficult for it? Of course not. Once you learn how to communicate with your Unconscious Mind...it will automatically help you create the future that you want again and again and again.

Because if your Unconscious Mind runs your body, and it does, and if your Unconscious Mind is in charge of your memories, and it is, and in charge of all your behavior and all of your learning, and all change, wouldn't that be a good part of you to get to know? It would be wouldn't it?

I know it's possible that you might think that the Unconscious Mind is evil, dirty or nasty, and that is only possible if...can you understand that if you have a lot of unresolved negative emotions lurking about in your Unconscious Mind, that it would seem that your Unconscious Mind was not good. However, because the Unconscious Mind has the responsibility of having to release the negative emotions and to get rid of the blocks in the nervous system, the Unconscious Mind has to continually bring up that stuff for you to release, you maybe could buy into the notion that the Unconscious Mind isn't particularly friendly to you. But the fact is that the minute you know how to let go of all that stuff, it won't have to keep reminding you, by bringing up negative emotions. They'll be gone. And you'll be the master of your own mind, instead of it being your master.
TIME Techniques™™ Technique for Letting Go of a Negative Emotion:
With TIME Techniques™™ Techniques, you are able to go back in time along your Time Line and eliminate those negative emotions, and limiting decisions that are attached to specific memories that are hindering you in the present you will be able to eliminate any emotion from the past and create anything you want in your future. That it is possible for us to clear out all our anger from the past is the next secret.

Like many people, you might be asking, why do we care about something that happened to us in the past, and why would I need to let it go? After all it is in the past, isn't it? And if it's in the past, doesn't that mean it's gone? Here's a simple test using the emotion of anger.

Remember an event from your past about which you felt angry. Maybe a time when a bully pushed you out of the lunch line at school, or maybe when your best friend betrayed you or when a co-worker got a raise and you didn't? Or when your kids left the house in a mess, or when you got cut off on the freeway. As you think of it now, is the feeling of anger associated with that memory. Do you remember feeling angry about it at the time. If you can remember feeling anger, that anger is as much a part of you now as it was then...because it was never cleared. It resides in your memory bank as something that made you angry. And, if it can still be remembered with anger in the present, then it does have an effect on what and how your future comes about. And certainly in the case of anger, can certainly interfere with creating a happy future. Why, because if we live our present day lives with the extra baggage of unresolved negative events from our past, there's not much room to create a happy future.

Picture you Unconscious Mind like you would a closet. If your closet hasn't been cleaned out in awhile and is filled to capacity with old clothes that you never got rid of...is there room in that closet for beautiful new clothes...probably not. Only if you empty out some of the old things and make space for the new ones. Your Unconscious Mind is similar. If it's filled up with negative emotions from years and years of not having life turn out totally the way you wanted it to...there's not much room for a happy wonderful future because it's still filled withy the negative impressions of the past. So in order to make room for the good things we want...we first must get rid of the bad and make room for the good.

Also, the problem with unresolved negative emotions is that they block us from having what we want in the future, by continually reminding us of times in our lives when things weren't the way we wanted them to be.

Now, what about anger. Think of all the times anger gets in your way. How many times in the last week have you been angry? When you think of it, maybe more than you thought...I mean as you think about it. The question is, where and when do we get angry. Some people get angry on the freeway. You know, driving down the freeway. I mean who could help it right. When you're driving down the freeway, how many jerks are there in front of you. And when that freeway gets all jammed up, do you boil. Does your blood boil?

How about in relationships? How many times does your sadness get in the way in your relationships. Perhaps with your spouse, or the person you are living with. How many times a week does anger get in the way of adequate, or meaningful communication. Or, even get in the way of the process of relating, or being able to be friends with the person you are living with. How many times does fear or guilt come up on a regular basis for you. Perhaps it even comes up with your friends. I know some folks who regularly experience fear with their friends. A lot of times, they'll be just hanging out, and all of a sudden something that one friend says will just make them afraid.

How many times does anger get in your way with your kids. Think about your kids for a minute. You know, the thing about kids is that they know all of our buttons to push. I think they were brought up that way. But anyway, kids know exactly what button to push to just get your goat and set you off. Which I really think is their purpose. So, how many times do your kids set you off. How many times does anger get in the way of you having a meaningful relationship with your kids. How much better would you be without anger toward your kids. And, in business, how often during a given week are you feeling angry.

Well, you don't have to learn to live with it. You don't have to learn to keep it under control, you don't have to stuff it. TIME Techniques™™ is about letting go of emotions from the past. The process is easy and simple and even a 5 year old can do it.

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